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Grow Sales

Track your sales across marketplaces and compare with other sellers.

Increase Trust

Combine your social and marketplace identities, reviews and ratings.

Carry your reputation

Take your universal, eRated reputation anywhere you go.


Your personalise online valuation tool for business improvement.

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eRated works for 30,000+ individuals, small businesses and large enterprises.

Kathy Simpson

Founder & CEO at Kat's Boutique

"Connecting with is one of the smartest decisions I've made for my business."

Brendan Candon

Founder & CEO at SideLineSwap

"As a marketplace founder, eRated adds a ton of value by enhancing trust within our community. Our sellers have seen amazing results."

Lisa Bregman

Lisa B.B Worldwide Consignments & Sales

"Once I signed up onto your site my clients were thrilled and my sells have improved even greater than when I was a Top Rated Seller"

Carry Your Reputation

eRated let's you take your reputation to any marketplace, including eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce and your own website

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Insights just for you

eRated offers you personalized analytics to grow your reputation and business.

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